Board Meetings / Directors

Neighbor helping neighbor.
South Lincoln County Board of Directors

Public Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets with membership nine times a year on the second non-holiday Mondays, September through May. There are no planned meetings in June, July and August.

The public is invited to attend our meetings. We welcome all interested parties and new volunteers.

Date: second non-holiday Monday, monthly, Sept through May
Time: 3:00 - 4:00pm (sometimes runs longer)
Where: Waldport Community Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Room (off Huckleberry St)
Address: Bay Street at Hwy 34 and Huckleberry Street, Waldport


2018 Executive Directors

The twenty-six member board includes seven executive officers:
  • Interim President - Peter Colley
  • Interim Vice President - Allen Mitchener
  • Secretary - Rick Booth
  • Treasurer - Donna Wengenroth
  • Director-at-Large - Jim Apland
  • Director-at-Large - Jim Provance
  • Past President - Tonner Hays


See Bylaws (approved Sept 14, 2015, pending attorney review).