The Keady Center Broadway & Keady Streets in Waldport
(Located 2 Blocks North of Ray's Food Place off Hwy 34)
   The building was the home of the Seventh Day Adventist Church of Waldport from the early 1950's until 2008. The congregation shared their Saturday meeting room with an activity called the Waldport Community Service Center. Church members still run a clothing collection and giveaway program benefitting local folks needing clothes, shoes, bedding, towels, kitchen utensils and such. This is a free program with no questions and no gimmicks. The program also reaches out to drug rehabilitation groups, shelters, Samaritan Communities Hospital and Angell Job Corp.
   To further serve the community, the church offered this same space to Food Share of Lincoln County providing a Food Pantry outlet for south county.
   Through many years, the congregation saved funds to purchase property and build a new church facility. They moved into their new home in 2008.
   Working with South Lincoln Resources resulted in a plan allowing the clothing program and the food pantry to remain in the old church building on Keady Street. These two services still share the same space and South Lincoln Resources moved its furniture, appliances and medical equipment programs into the into the sanctuary and classrooms. SLR and Food Share pay utilities and a building maintenance fund allowing the church to retain ownership of the property.
Directions for Out of Towners
From the North e.g. Newport.
Drive South the the city of Waldport and turn left on highway 34 to Corvallis - also called Hemlock Street. Turn left on Broadway (Rays Food Place market is on the left) and go just two blocks to Keady street. The building says Keady Center on the side and houses both the South Lincoln Resources furniture and medical equipment activity and the Waldport Food Share activity. Hours for furniture and medical equipment Donation, Pickup or Selection are Tues and Thurs 3-4:30. For Wednesday Furniture Donation pickup call 541-563-2388.


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