Furniture & Appliances Program
  Open Tuesdays & Thursdays
3:00 to 4:30
    Keady Center Broadway & Keady St in Waldport
Donated household furniture and appliances in clean, working, ready-to-use condition.
Available for anyone living in the South County who may need them.
   Intention is for homes to have basic furnishings. Items taken are NOT to be sold.
      Proof of residence requested.
   Recycle usable furnishings and help others at the same time. (See Contact)

     Receipts for tax purposes are available for items of value.
       Photos of the items should be taken before donating.
   Cash donations accepted at the door or by mail (See Contribute)

Medical Equipment Program
Most arrangements are made by phone.
     Keady Center Crew on site Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:00 to 4:30
Donated durable medical equipment is available for South County residents.
Recycle useful medical equipment to help others. (See Contact)

    Receipts for tax purposes are available for items of value.
Cash donations accepted at the door or by mail (See Contribute)

Holiday Food Baskets
   Thanksgiving & Christmas  Program has no home or set hours of operation ...
This is a community-wide effort providing Thanksgiving and Christmas food to families and
individuals who may not otherwise have enough to eat.  SLR coordinates canned food
drives, procures perishable foods, packs boxes, and distributes to qualified applicants.
Accomplished with cooperation of schools, civic and social organizations, businesses and
      View the 3 minute video of crew preparing food baskets for Christmas 2010. Photo Gallery
    Watch for food collection tubs in businesses and churches
       School food drives for Thanksgiving
          Operation Santa by Fire Department volunteers for Christmas
            Other drives and events; discounts off tickets for bringing cans of food
       Information in Newspapers, Pacific Skinny, Alsea Cable Wheel
   Cash donations to pay for additional food. (See Contribute or Contact)

South County Needy Children’s Christmas Program
   Located at Washington Federal, 325 NW Hemlock (Hwy 34) in Waldport
Provides Christmas gifts for children. It is run by local volunteers at Washington Federal.
They round up new clothing and toys throughout the year. Gifts are prepared for specific
children as described on the food basket applications. There are no electronic games. Children must be residents of our service area and school age children must be attending local schools, preschools or home schools registered with Lincoln County School District. Some south county banks have Trees of Giving.
Cash donations are accepted year round. (See  Contribute)

Waldport Food Share
    Waldport Food Share is an all volunteer agency of Food Share of Lincoln County with the purpose of food
distribution to qualified low income residents of South Lincoln County.
Food boxes typically provide meals for 3-5 days.
  Local grocers and businesses, service clubs, churches and individuals support food share.
     Expenses, other than food, are the cost of utilities and telephone.
South Lincoln Resources is the local sponsor.
   Food donations are welcome during operating hours or by arrangement.
   Many churches and businesses accept food all year.
   cash donations accepted all year.
      At Keady Center during operating hours or by mail (See Contribute)
         Call 541-270-7869 for more information.

Adventist Clothing Share
   Open Mondays • 10:00 to 2:30    Great Giveaways • Advertised
     Keady Center
   Clothing Share operates as a Community Service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
This all volunteer program collects clothing, bedding, towels and wash cloths for free
distribution back into the community and has helped people through tight times and
emergencies since the 1960's. Great Giveaways, monthly, handle an astonishing volume of goods and help hundreds of people every time.
   Clothes for the whole family including back to school clothes and shoes.
   Warm clothing and bedding are available through Waldport Food Share during weather months.
   To donate goods or for additional information, call 541-563-2508
   Cash donations are accepted year round (See Contribute)

Emergency Voucher Assistance Program
   Hours and locations by arrangement  
     Call SLR voice mail 541-563-2388 - we will call back
Purpose of the program is to provide temporary, limited assistance in crucial situations for
families and individuals struggling to survive in our rural community. Vouchers are given
for specific uses with pre-approved vendors.
   The Emergency Voucher Assistance Program in South Lincoln County is administered by the pastors of area churches in Waldport and Yachats. It works from a dedicated fund managed by South Lincoln Resources.
   The churches are the main source of income for the program. Every penny donated to voucher fund is given as assistance to people in need.
   Guidelines, controls, and reviews are used to ensure the viability and security of the program.
   Thanks to Trust Management Services In Waldport for support of the program:
      $8000 in 2013-2014.
   For more information, call 541-563-2388
  Cash donations are accepted year round at participating churches
    Also by mail to South Lincoln Resources - Voucher Assistance Fund (See Contribute)

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