The Unexpected Elephant

Fundraising trunk of 3710 Crestline
The Unexpected Elephant fundraiser The Unexpected Elephant is an occasional fundraiser that supports the infrastructure at 3710 Crestline Drive. It is the fundraising trunk of South Lincoln Resources and our partners, supporting our facility maintenance and repairs.

Rows of tables display a wealth of treasures to purchase: glass, crystal, china, dolls, furniture, rugs, collectibles, knick-knacks, artwork, kitchenware, books, leather jackets, etc. Unique Treasures! One-of-a-Kind gifts! Free admission. NEW ITEMS ADDED TO EACH SALE!

The Unexpected Elephant Fundraising Resale

Thank you shoppers and volunteers for a very successful year!

Proceeds from resales are used for building maintenance & improvements.

See you all next year in March 2022!

Watch for reopening announcements on Facebook community pages
or via our mailing list.
We will again take donations of household items and furniture beginning January 15, 2022

Learn More?

Watch local media for the next Unexpected Elephant event. We send notices to: Around Town News, Newport News-Times,,, Craigslist, oregoncoastsales, Waldport, Seal Rock and Yachats communities Facebook pages.

To get great deals:
Send an email to and ask to be put on The Unexpected Elephant email notification list.


Donate your extra or no-longer-needed, but working household items. Call 541-563-3710 for more information.

Donations generally accepted Tuesdays 1:00 to 3:00pm.
For larger items, our Furniture Program Road Crew goes into the community Wednesday mornings by appointment.

A BIG shoutout to Chuck's Video for donating all of these wonderful shelves. Thank You! Chuck donated 87 shelves that will greatly help to better organize The Unexpected Elephant resales next year. Thank you, Chuck!
The Unexpected Elephant Fundraising Resale


Call South Lincoln Resources at 541-563-3710. Leave a message that you would like to help at the next Unexpected Elephant fundraiser.

We invite people to help organize, research, display and price items and help treasure hunters find items during the events.

The Unexpected Elephant fundraiser