South Lincoln Resources (SLR) Timeline


  • Waldport Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA) Clothing Program  Started as a Community Service Project in the new building on Keady Street.


  • Waldport Food Pantry  Sets up and shares space in Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship Room on Keady Street.


  • South Lincoln Resources Formation  Two assistance programs in the south county merge to become SLR and the Voucher Assistance Program.
  • Holiday Food Basket service combines into SLR; selected families receive holiday food.
  • Needy Children’s Christmas Project starts the gift program at Washington Federal Savings & Loan.
  • SLR furniture program starts in a volunteer’s garage.


  • SLR Recognition  Gained recognition as a 501(c)(3) federally tax-exempt organization.


  • South Lincoln Resources Incorporated  SLR becomes a nonprofit charitable organization.
  • VFW turns their medical equipment operation over to SLR.


  • Forest Service Warehouse  Provided space for Holiday Food Baskets for twelve years.
  • Logistics involved borrowing large trucks and using various crews for transportation.


  • Alternative Facilities for Holiday Food Baskets  Used school facilities, private garages, and vacated classrooms.


  • Building & Sharing Resources Project  Created to secure a home for SLR, Waldport Food Share (WFS), and Adventist Clothing Share (ACS).
  • Objective: Find a home to provide food, clothing, household furnishings, medical equipment, and emergency assistance with community support and minimal expense.
  • Disaster preparedness included with Central Oregon Coast Fire & Rescue District.


  • SDA Church Building   Seventh-day Adventist Church built new church; Clothing and Food stayed in the old Keady Street building.
  • SLR moved Furniture/Appliances and Medical Equipment Programs into the Keady Street building to support Clothing and Food.


  • SLR as Food Share’s Local Sponsor  Renovated the Keady Center with a grant from Oregon Food Bank.


  • New Home on Crestline Drive  Right property available; Yachats Ladies Club hosted a dinner auction contributing $14,000 for the purchase on top of hundreds of community contributions from groups and individuals.


  • Facility Renovation  SLR received grants to renovate the facility.
  • Holiday Food Baskets and Waldport Food Share were in place by the end of the year.
  • The Unexpected Elephant became the fundraising activity for sustainability.


  • All in  All programs were in place early in the year.


  • SLR By Laws Update  Addition of the 3710 Council charged with maintaining and improving facilities.


  • Waldport Food Share Recognition  Gained recognition as a 501(c)(3) federally tax-exempt organization, remaining an agency of Food Share Lincoln County and Oregon Food Bank.
  • New Metal Roof on the larger warehouse replaced with funds raised by Unexpected Elephant, assisted by generous contractor and supplier discounts (Gentry Family Construction and Taylor Metals).