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Household Furniture & Appliances Program

Program Purpose is to aid people needing basic home furnishings, appliances and kitchenware

Open Tuesdays 12:00 to 2:00 or by appointment — January through October

Holiday Food Basket Program fills the warehouse in November and December. During this time, we provide for urgent needs as possible.

We rely on donations of clean, ready-to-use Household Furniture & Appliances and Kitchenware

We’re sensitive about what we pass on to our neighbors and therefore selective about what we accept. And we believe our clients deserve good quality.

Conditions we look for are outlined below.

Please do not leave anything outside as weather conditions and critters will quickly ruin them. Call us and make an appointment.

Household Furnishings in the Program —

  • Beds — twin, full, queen, futon, trundle, bunk …
  • Bed frames — Hollywood style only
  • Couches — 3-seat, 2-seat …
  • Easy chairs — plain, recliner, swivel/rocker combo …
  • Chairs — dining, hard, padded, rockers, glide rockers …
  • Dressers — mirrors optional
  • Tables — end, bed-side, coffee, small dining tables …
  • Stands for microwave oven, kitchen, TV …
  • Lamps — table lamps and floor lamps
  • Desks — At the discretion of crew
  • Shelves — At the discretion of crew
  • Baby/Toddler — crib mattress only

Kitchenware — Countertop appliances, table settings, cooking utensils, pots, pans.

Furnishings Not in the Program —

  • No hide-a-beds, king beds, craftmatic beds
  • No wood frames, head boards, or foot boards
  • No double recliners, hide-a-beds, sectionals
  • No chairs on rollers
  • No entertainment centers, consoles, hutches
  • No large office desks or computer desks
  • No fluorescent or halogen lights
  • No car seats, playpens, cribs, strollers, etc.
  • No exercise equipment or electronics
  • No computers, computer components, phones, or faxes
  • No patio furniture

Household Appliances in the Program —

  • Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, microwave ovens
  • Washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Kitchenware (countertop appliances, table settings, cooking utensils, pots, pans.

Appliances Not in the Program

  • Dishwashers or any built-in appliances
  • Shampoo or steam cleaning machines
  • Tube-type or projection TVs

Non-essential Household Items

The Unexpected Elephant Crew may accept items, at their discretion, for fundraising. Come in Tuesdays or call us for an appointment or to ask questions. Always good to ask.

Conditions for Denial  

  • Smoke, pet and other odors.
  • Material torn, split, shredded, stained, furry, dirty.
  • Items rusted, warped, bent, badly scratched or dented.
  • Frames broken, cracked, separated.
  • Missing, broken, worn, melted parts or too many parts.
  • Drawers & doors that don’t work.
  • Crew health and safety is considered regarding size, weight and/or bulk of items.

Appliances must be plug-in only, not built-in type. Age and size are considered. Washers and dryers are preferred with hoses/vents and electric cords.

Extraordinary Value    

Items may be saved for sale by the Unexpected Elephant and ultimately help cover facility expenses.

Cash Donations  Yes, thank you, we do accept cash donations too.

     At the warehouse or by mail to: South Lincoln Resources PO Box 1638 Waldport, OR 97394

Durable Medical Equipment Program

PROGRAM PURPOSE is to aid people needing Durable Medical Equipment in Seal Rock, Waldport, Yachats, Tidewater, Five Rivers, and south to Ten Mile Creek. 

We accept donations of clean, ready-to-use Durable Medical Equipment and make them available to anyone in need —

Hospital beds, walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, transport chairs, lift chairs, bath seats and benches, commodes, toilet risers, crutches, canes. Always a good idea to ask about needed specialty items that may be in stock. (Adult undergarments are often available at Clothing Share.)

Open Tuesdays 12:00 to 2:00 or by appointment January through October  Furniture and Medical make room for Holiday Food Baskets in November and December. During this time, we provide for urgent needs when possible.

Equipment NOT in the Program —

No diabetic supplies, C-Pap machines, oxygen concentrators, tubing or anything that people wear or breathe through.

Cash Donations  Yes, thank you, we do accept cash donations too. At the warehouse or by mail to: South Lincoln Resources PO Box 1638 Waldport, OR 97394

Holiday Food Baskets

This community=wide effort provides Thanksgiving and Christmas food to families and individuals who may not otherwise have enough to eat. SLR coordinates canned food drives, procures perishable foods, packs boxes, and distributes to qualified applicants. It’s a community cooperation of businesses, organizations, services, schools and churches.

A South Lincoln Resources Program bolstering Waldport Food Share’s year round service.

Applications are available the end of September. One application covers Thanksgiving and Christmas plus Christmas gift requests for children. Application deadlines help our volunteers plan for the food filling the hundreds of boxes to be ready for each distribution day.

All important information including dates and times are announced and posted on our phone line and local media.

The program provides the makings of holiday meals including turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas and it’s the most expensive of SLR’s endeavors. Holiday Food Baskets rely on cash and food donations. We have great buying power through Food Share Lincoln County, Rays Food Place, Grocery Outlet and other generous sources. Food donation green-tubs are placed around Waldport and Yachats September through mid-December. Food drives include Waldport Library and Operation Santa by local Fire Volunteers.

Cash donations are encouraged, send to  South Lincoln Resources PO Box 1638 Waldport, OR 97394

South County Children’s Christmas Program

— This is a seasonal program —
No hours of operation. Call 541-563-3710, Ext. 1 and leave a message for Raenette

 South County Children’s Christmas Program provides gifts for children who might not otherwise have a Christmas.
Central processing is at Washington Federal, 325 NW Hemlock (Hwy 34) in Waldport.  The program relies entirely on volunteers and no funds are spent on administrative

The program goes hand in hand with the South Lincoln Resources’  Holiday Food Baskets. Households who have children 18 and under who are permanent, full-time residents of our service area are eligible to complete the back of the Holiday Food Basket application with as much information as possible regarding allergies, clothing sizes, reading levels, likes and wish lists. Children of school age must be attending local schools, preschools or home schools registered with Lincoln County School District.

Our goal is to provide every child with “something warm and something fun.” The more information we have about a child’s likes, the better we can do to make Christmas wishes come true. Sorry, high-end electronic games, devices and gaming systems are not available.

This program is sponsored by South Lincoln Resources.

The Unexpected Elephant

Fundraising trunk of 3710 Crestline, Waldport

PURPOSE: Sustainability. The fundraising trunk of 3710 Crestline, Waldport

We accept donations that do not fit the purpose of 3710 programs and are not considered home essentials.

Donate at the Furniture / Appliances Program Tuesdays 12:00 – 2:00 or by Appointment. 541-563-3710 Line 1.

The UE Crew inspects donations and may accept items of exception value including antique, branded, novelty, useful kitchen and dining items; fine art, knick-knacks, odd pieces, gizmos and non-essential home goods.

The Crew researches values, marks prices below the findings, and sets up displays.

Sales are generally one Saturday each month, March through August.

This is a fundraiser supporting the vital community services at 3710 Crestline. All proceeds support the maintenance and improvements of our facility and may also be used for facility operating expenses as needed.

Join the Elephant Crew! Volunteers make to the job easier and more fun.

Project management — The 3710 Council manages the facility and improvement projects. The SLR Board of Directors provide financial oversight and is accountable to SLR Membership and our Partners.

Everything goes into storage in September to make room for Holiday Food Baskets. The start of the year is dedicated to unpacking the trunks, receiving new donations and setting up for the next series of sales.

Follow the Elephant on South Lincoln Resources Facebook and other local outlets

The next event will be announced when 2024 dates are set.

Come in and find a treasure!

Voucher Assistance Program

A financial aid program helping local residents meet unexpected urgent needs. Assistance includes limited help with household utilities, bus tickets, prescriptions and gasoline. Available only in Seal Rock, Waldport, Yachats, Tidewater, and Five Rivers.

Starts with a phone call to 541-563-3710 Line 4

All requests are handled on case-by-case basis and are often accompanied by personal counseling to help alleviate future needs.

100% of funds provide assistance.  

  1. Churches raise the funds. 
  2. Pastors and their authorized agents issue the vouchers.
  3. South Lincoln Resources manages the fund and program usage.
  4. Confidentiality protects clients and the program.
  5. The program is NOT intended to provide continuous support.
  6. No cash is given and no vouchers are provided at 3710 Crestline.

Program Guidelines limit usage and values of assistance and are reviewed periodically by participating pastors.

Three Rules:

  1. Individuals and family members work with one church. This improves understanding of needs and helps with counseling and training toward self-reliance.
  2. Personal Identification is required from photo ID to verify residence and ensure accuracy of record keeping. A copy of a utility bill, with address and account number, is required for help with electricity and water payments. Homeless or houseless in South Lincoln County? Call us…
  3. When a request will be exceeding the value limit, the client will need to be able to provide the balance or agree to a plan for meeting the balance in reasonable time.

Fund Raising relies on year round missions of church congregations and contributions from individuals in the community.

Fund Management is provided by South Lincoln Resources and includes cash flow reports and usage reports.  SLR notifies individual pastors of potential problems and alerts all pastors when program abuse is identified. Operating expenses are provided by individual churches and SLR. The fund’s operating objective is to sustain a reasonable positive balance to cover fluctuating requests for assistance.

Contribute to the church of your choice or to South Lincoln Resources / Vouchers at PO Box 1638, Waldport, OR 97394


South Lincoln Resources (SLR) is “an organization of interested individuals in South Lincoln County who have come together to assess the social and charitable needs of the residents of the area and to provide for those needs as far as their resources permit by planning and working together in a coordinated fashion.”

SLR is an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501(C)(3) charitable, community service supported by the community. FederalTaxID: 93-0885035

We are not a Lincoln County agency. SLR is local folks who “share because we care”

SLR programs are Household Furniture & Appliances, Durable Medical Equipment and Holiday Food Baskets

Governance — 3710 Council, Board of Directors and General Membership.
  General Membership meets Second Tuesdays, September through May, 3:30, at the Waldport campus of OCCC 

Following three basic rules at 3710 —
   First: Treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
   Second: Financial responsibility – It’s the community’s money.
   Third: Treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

Want to know more?  Call 541-563-3710 Line 1 and we will call you back.  Email us 

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