Learn More About Us!

South Lincoln Resources invites interested volunteers to attend our monthly board meeting as an introduction to the organization and our programs.


For furniture/appliances, medical equipment, holiday food baskets and The Unexpected Elephant:  
Call 541-563-3710, Ext. 1 and leave a message on how you would like to help.

For food:

Waldport Food Share
Call 541-563-3710, Ext. 2 and leave a message for the manager.


Adventist Clothing Share
Call 541-563-3710, Ext 3 and leave a message for the director.

For Christmas

South County Children’s Christmas Program
Call 541-563-3710, Ext. 1 or 541-563-3226 and leave a message for Raenette, Chief Elf.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Additional volunteer opportunities are available through RSVP (Retired Seniors and Volunteer Program) in Lincoln County Contact Lincoln County RSVP at 541-574-2684, 

alucke@ocwcog.org, , or visit  ocwcog.org.

Volunteer Furniture Crew Members Needed!

Our  Household Furniture/Appliance Program moves furniture in and out and keeps track of what comes in and goes out. Must be able to lift 50 lbs and not be a client of the program.

Work Tuesdays 11:30am – 2:30pm. Move stuff around with the guys and be a ‘neighbor helping neighbor ‘.

Call 541-563-3710, Ext. 1.


The Furniture Program at South Lincoln Resources must close Thursdays due to a shortage of volunteers to man the program. Tuesday hours continue unchanged. If you know someone who can help, here are parameters for the job

Able to lift and carry 50 pounds

Work as part of the team

Volunteer cannot use the service of the program Serving the community with dignity, respect and good humor

• Short shifts: 2.5 hours/week or 5 hours/week or 10 hours/week Or train to manage the program (about 16 hours/week)

• Easy, healthy physical workout

• Every volunteer adds a new dynamic to the program

• No injuries on the job by working smart and using good equipment • Good people to work with !

Get Help

Call South Lincoln Resources
at  541-563-3710.
We will call back!